Pluto, Eh !


Incredible snap of Pluto, a dwarf planet made of ice and rock, more than 4 billion miles away. This was taken by the New Horizons spacecraft on 13 July 2015. This marks the final frontier for a man-made spacecraft visit to the planets from the erstwhile solar system (before Pluto was reclassified to be a dwarf planet in 2005, along with other similar sized objects in the Kuiper belt orbiting the sun).


“It’s space and it’s difficult to go fly”…

So said a senior NASA administrator after the unfortunate failed launch of the Dragon9 spacecraft.

Sad day for space science and space exploration. Another rocket,  Falcon 9, exploded mid flight. Problems associated with the second stage caused the explosion,  apparently.  It’s back to the drawing board for SpaceX.  A company I look up to for it’s innovation and brave spirit. I  was fortunate to visit their facility on 1, rocket street, California last year,  thanks to a friend and his brother who works there. A futuristic experience like I was on the sets of a sci fi movie, except this was real science! !