Yet another spring…



The orchid on the office window sill is blooming again this year. The white and red thread you see strung on the orchid’s stem was given to me by a friend, Yavor Kostov, who is originally from Bulgaria. I learned that this thread is known as Martenitsa in Bulgarian and symbolizes a friend’s wish for good health. It is meant to be gifted from one to another and not to be bought for oneself. Traditionally, it is worn on the wrist beginning March and is then tied on a blossoming tree or a stork! I couldn’t find a stork within reach here in Oxford, hence chose to tie it to the blossoming orchid on my window sill. Adorned by just one Martenitsa, I wish this orchid a long and healthy life. The tree pictured below (source: wikipedia) has been gifted many more than one and I wonder if it will bloom an extra set of flowers for all the Martenitsi it has received.



Joy springs early


The orchid on my office window sill is in full bloom. Feels like spring is here early. It is a joy to see the yellow-cream colored flowers in bloom. Both the plants on the sill were recently gifted to me by a friend and colleague who is soon leaving our group, Nathalie. Thanks to her!