The Royal Palace

When you go time traveling in Vienna, here are somethings you see :

A Time Travel signpost !

Vienna - 50

The palace where the high and mighty once lived,  Schönbrunn. The palace of Francis Ferdinand and Princess Sisi. A friend who seems to be caught up in time.


A harpist who played beautiful music.

Vienna - 49

A Sachertorte that even the royals enjoyed centuries ago.


and finally, a beautiful hand made cake in the image of a bride and her groom in the royal cake shop, Demel.

Vienna - 46 Vienna - 47


C-Handshake-A-P to WordPress

Seraph (having fought Neo): I must apologize. The Oracle has many enemies, I had to be sure.
Neo: Of what?
Seraph: That you were ‘The One’.
Neo: You could’ve just asked.
Seraph: You do not truly know someone until you fight them.

– From Matrix: Reloaded

My Challenge Handshake Authentication Protocol to wordpress.