While running along a picturesque path in the park, I suddenly decided to stop and capture the moment. The evening light streamed through the green leaves shading everything around in a pleasant texture. I decided its got to be a panorama to capture the leaves, the path and the stream. Just as I panned the camera through, so the earth spun around its axis, bringing clouds to shade the sunlight streaming into my view. Hence, the shades of white seen in this picture !

Many a thought this change in shade brought to my mind. How fleeting a moment we live in, regarding it as our present, with our decisions to act on something, to define the next moment. Then there are external characteristics such as the earth spinning around the sun, the clouds spotting the skies as if it has a will of its own and the alignment of many such disparate yet connected events defining what the next present moment is going to be !


Well, I shrugged and got back to my moment of capturing my present, which is now the past as I reminisce about it. Took this non-panoramic view of the path along the stream. The university parks is a quite and beautiful place to run along on a warm sunny summer evening. image

The ducks floating along the stream, the branches swaying along in the wind, their reflections tranquil in the stream and the voice of Clive Merrison playing Sherlock Holmes in my ears brought a unique serenity to the run.


Thanks to Google Auto-Awesome for auto-awesomizing this for me !


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